Would It Benefit Me to Settle My Car Crash Claim Out of Court?

12If you were recently wounded in an automobile collision, there’s no doubt that you’re currently dealing with all kinds of issues. For instance, you have probably found yourself talking to insurance company representatives, police officers, medical professionals, and auto accident lawyers. Of all of these people, your attorney is the most important for several reasons. For starters, he or she can help you deal with difficult conversations about insurance, police reports, and other issues. Secondarily, his or her legal advice will make it easier for you to file a claim against the driver who caused your accident.


Once you hire your auto accident attorney from this website, one of the first things the two of you will need to do is determine if your claim is civil or criminal in nature. Most vehicle collision lawsuits are considered civil. This means they do not have to be presented in a courtroom before a judge and a jury; they can, in fact, be settled out of court if you so choose. This article features more information about some of the benefits that come with settling a car crash claim out of court.


You Won’t Have to Worry About Being in the Public Eye


Sometimes, automobile crash victims are hesitant to even hire legal counselors because they don’t want to be thrust into the local spotlight. Settling a case out of court is a great way to avoid even the most remote possibility of this happening. If nobody knows that your lawsuit is in the process of being resolved, you won’t become the target of unwanted media attention. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury to know more about personal injury.


You Will Be Less Nervous Than You Would Be in Court


If you, like many other car crash victims, have never even set foot in a courtroom before, the thought of doing so probably makes you extremely nervous. This is to be expected! The idea of testifying before a judge, a jury, and a courtroom audience can be incredibly scary, especially if you’re emotionally traumatized from your wreck. If, however, you and your lawyer decide to settle your case out of court, you will probably only be asked to go to your attorney’s office or to the defense attorney’s office.


Your Attorney Will Have More Power to Negotiate


How much is yours worth? If you decide to take your civil auto accident claim to court, a judge will probably get to decide the outcome of the case by himself or herself. If, though, you and your auto accident attorney opt to settle out of court, your legal counselor will have more room to negotiate on your behalf. Instead of simply accepting the offer that the defense initially provides, your attorney can argue back and forth until a suitable resolution is reached.


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